VIP Room

VIP Room still rules 2am Paris hip-hop

Hours 10pm-3am, Wed. -Sat.
Phone (33) 1 58 36 46 00

La Scala 188 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris France


It could be the most famous dance club in the world, if not the most full-of-itself social scene in all of France. And we just can't get enough of it, even when left standing outside for 40-minutes after passing the doorman 50-Euro. With a wink and a nod to '70s disco culture, the VIP Room occupies an all-new location at the famed LA Scala offering a dimly-lit celebrity dance den with summer outposts at the Cannes Film Festival and St. Tropez. The Paris space is also home to a  full-service restaurant with small-plate menu of traditional French specialties.

We fell in love with St. Tropez VIP Room before every making our way to the Paris original. The look is much the same at the all-new location with a bit more investment paid to the d├ęcor within the new Paris mothership. Dressed-up damsels arrive to a main lounge surrounded in walls with digital scripting and sequin disco balls strewn from two-story rafter ceilings. Mirrored pillars separate VIP banquettes with illuminated cocktail tables opposite a central dance floor booming with French hip-hop anthems and occasional live performance. Every night is a different spectacle ranging from Paris Hilton-types overindulging within any dark and available corner to break-out starlets busting a move to the latest Solange dance track.


If arriving on a weekend night, try to score a dinner reservation that allows open access to the adjacent dance club.

Last Word

Legendary nightclub maintains its exclusivity and VIP reputation from infamous Paris location.

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