Irreverent house and dance club for young, trendy Parisians

Hours 24
Phone (33) 01 58 56 20 50

67 Rue Pierre Charron Paris 75008 France


Hobo Club is located in Paris very close to the Champs Elysees. Despite its very French location, however, the club that has much in common with clubs you would find in major American cities. This is deliberate styling choice, however, as Hobo Club takes its inspiration from NY clubs of the 1920s with its bohemian, irreverent attitude to life were common norms are discarded in favor of personal journeys that include eccentric fashion and 2am debauchery. The club itself has two bars and a large dance floor. There’s an indoor smoking room, which is ideal for those cold Paris evenings, plus there’s a VIP area. There’s plenty of comfortable leather seating too, while the soft pink and purple lighting effects create a relaxing atmosphere.


In addition to being a nightclub, the Hobo is also available as a corporate venue or for private events.

Last Word

The clientele of the Hobo Club is generally young and trendy Parisians, although special events featuring celebrities do attract a more diverse crowd.

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