Culinary Incubator Concept Delivers Evolving Menu in Paris

Hours Tue. - Fr. 7:30pm-10pm
Phone (33) 01 43 48 14 59


Fulgarances is a unique and very foodie-friendly concept: a 'culinary incubator' that rotates young and creative head chefs on a semi-monthly basis. The result is a fine dining restaurant that changes character with the seasons, a breath of fresh air in a Paris food scene that can sometimes seem stagnant and bound by tradition. The space is small and elegant, very bright and vibrant in the day, cozy and warm at night. The atmosphere at all times is casual and contented, with none of the fuss that characterizes fine French cuisine. Fulgarances also has a small space attached that is a wine bar and small plate eatery, a charming alternative when the main restaurant is full.

The Food

The rotating chefs make the menu impossible to pin down, however some qualities remain eternal. Fresh ingredients sourced locally are always a focus. Special attention is paid to vegetable dishes, particularly pairing them with intriguing preparations or off-the-beaten-path sauces. Fish dishes and seafood are also plentifully represented. Dishes are always prepared with masterful skill and precise gastronomic deliberation.

Last Word

Drinks are heavily influenced by classics, prepared with notable care. The wine list emphasizes natural wines and sustainably produced vintages, which allows room for some distinctive and new experiences. Save room for dessert, the intriguing menu of sweets is a point of pride.

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