Late night dance club for Florence’s beautiful people

Hours 10pm-4am, Tue. - Sun.
Phone (39) 055 290608

Via Sassetti 5 R Firenze Florence Italy


If you came to town looking for the VIP fashion model dance action found in Rome or Milan, Florence is sometimes a bit of a let down come nightfall. The town is arranged in a series of tourist-minded romps from Irish pubs to sports-style drinking bars that are anything but upscale. But luckily there’s YAB, which in Italian translates to “You are beautiful,” likely referring to the collection of super models and sexy imports looking to satiate their 1am electronica craving.<br />&nbsp;<br />YAB is arranged within a series of interconnecting lounges offer a supper club style eatery with prix fixe dinners on clubs nights as well as a VIP lounge that’s bottle service only on prime weekends.&nbsp; For everyone else there is the main bar and dance floor, an all-white multi-level space with pop neon displays and LCD-lit dance floor offering a weekly feast of nightly theme parties and pop star events.&nbsp; <br />


Don’t be afraid to sit if arriving during the week and the tables say reserved, this simply means you should order from the cocktail serves and preferably more than just one drink.

Last Word

The club prides itself on being all things “glamorous and sexy” from people to its weekly event line-up that includes Saturday nights much-loved Italians Do It Better, to which as long as you can get past the bouncer you will likely agree.

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