Lavish outdoor dance club with a reputation for excess

Hours 10pm-5am, daily (Jul.-Sept.)
Phone (90) 0252 316 8000

Kumbahce Mh Bodrum 48400 Turkey


Halikarnas boasts of things like being "the largest open-air disco in the world" and "probably the most beautiful." But they're not the ones raving, usually its editors of hoity-toity newspapers like the Evening Standard and various versions of Eastern European Vogue that have coined this nightclub as a better version of Pacha located in Bodrum. The club is located in an elaborate outdoor dance palace flanked on one side by a palatial Greek revival colonnade with white ionic pillars framing elaborate lounges, open-air bars and center dance floor that one of the largest you're ever likely to see.
Presiding over all the nightlife action is a grand stage with nightly live performances as well as sideshow dance boxes where go-go's shake and shimmy to the delight of a mostly under-30 crowd of revelers. The location of Halikarnas next to the water simply accentuates the atmosphere of anything-goes resort nightlife that comes complete with supper club eatery designed by Jade Jagger.


When you make a reservation bare in mind that seating areas are separated by city-theme areas like Paris and Rio with Vegas being the priceist and best location.

Last Word

Revered by the under-30 set but still enjoyable for the under-50 Ibiza-style trance crowd that flocks to Bodrum every summer, Halikarnas is one of the better outdoor dance clubs in Turkey with lively event line-up and special events that define local nightlife.

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