Baretto Londra Bar Fasano Rio does a Ipanema bar good

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  • Baretto Londra Bar

  • Fasano Rio de Janeiro Avenida Vieira Souto, 80 Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22420 Brazil (55) 21 3202-4000
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Angela Bass Editorial Review Author
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    5pm-2am, daily
  • The Fasano family knows a thing or two about entertaining, after all the family started out as age-old restaurateurs in Sao Paulo where the brand eventually expanded into hospitality. Designed by Philippe Starck in what was supposed to be the Rio-edition of the Faena Hotel from Buenos Aires, the Fasano family bought the project and joined in the planning phases of the bar and a resulting mish-mash of styles emerged from Starck’s original exposed brick walls to the Fasano family’s favored Italian-style club chairs in banker-brown with walls slung in British flag and various Hollywood photos and album covers.
    A mainstay of Rio nightlife, Baretto Londra attracts a cross-section of Rio society that descend on the bar dressed to the nines in Italian fashions with just a hint of flip-flop beach accessorizing. With a lengthy line after-midnight and especially on weekends, hotel guests are given priority entrance that sometimes has to be enforced with a nudge at the front desk if one in your entourage doesn’t look the hip nightclub part. 

  • Last Word

    Dress-up Americans. Sadly, our fellow countrymen are consistently the worst dressed people in Rio and especially at the Fasano where they think they’re on some sort of cruise or Hawaii luau in their cargo shorts and untucked shirts.

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