‘70s Acapulco dance icon still going strong

Hours 10pm-4am, daily
Phone (52) 744-484-7474

Av Costera Miguel Aleman 22 Acapulco 39880 Mexico


From afar it looks like a dance club you’d find on an intergalactic planet or in Jurassic Park, but in fact it's an Acapulco monument of excess and nightlife culture that spans a history of 30-years.  The interior of the club is majestic, a cave-like atrium of candlelit corners and peek-a-boo alcove where couple linger in the early house of the morning doing things they probably shouldn’t. An amphitheater-like design features table seating and bottle service with views of flirtatious singles and adventurous couples. In its heyday the club was a stomping ground for sexually adventurous travelers looking to make the most of ‘70s liberalism. Today the club is a bit more reserved with a tight door policy and guest list of Latin American celebrities and high-end singles looking to recreate the magic of Acapulco’s past. The music tends to be more mainstream than the techno-heavy alternatives in town, with a mix of pop anthems and ‘80s classics that roll till 4am. 


Bring flaunt money, expecially if you’re a guy and don’t have a model in tow. The door is toughest on weekend nights and best approached with a wad of crisp $20 bills.

Last Word

Cave-theme dance scene is an Acapulco landmark famous for is excess and high prices.

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