Fernando Trocca headlines Hotel Urbanica in Buenos Aires

Hours 9am-late daily
Phone (54) 11 4784-6900


Orilla is the newest property from world famous restaurateur Fernando Trocca. Located below the Hotel Urbanica in Buenos Aires's Bajo Belgrano neighborhood, the concept is to offer a very approachable menu, with dishes that are familiar but prepared with the best ingredients and to the highest standards. The space is open and un-fussy, a study in simple wood surfaces, subtle colors, and satisfyingly smooth textures. Tables are arranged in a perimeter around the open kitchen, allowing every guest a glimpse into the energetic heart and soul of the restaurant. This allows the focus to remain always on the art of cooking, the food, and the company you keep. It's pleasantly simple and elegant.

The Food

The menu is largely seasonal and ingredients are sourced locally as much as is possible, so there is significant turnover in dishes between visits. Guests can order meals that are small, medium, or large, and sharing is encouraged. Expect a variety of classic Argentinian favorites, including a large selection of hearty meat dishes. The cocktail experience is one that is embraced wholeheartedly at Orilla. The cocktail list is substantial, with a mix of classics given an inventive twist and craft cocktail masterpieces that indulge in the true artistry of fine drink making. The wine list is features ample variety, with vintages chosen to best complement the menu.

Last Word

In a city known for exquisite dining options, Orilla stands out for its winning blend of friendly and welcoming atmosphere with an experience that keeps the focus on the food itself.

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