Novikov Restaurant

Russia's Top Restauranteur Debuts in Miami

Hours 12pm-3pm, 6pm-1am; daily
Phone (305) 489-1000


Novikov is Magic City's newest swanky eatery, 10,000+ sq ft of lavish elegance overlooking Biscayne Bay. That the Miami location joins its sisters in London, Dubai, and Moscow tells you all you need to know about the level of prestige and indulgence aimed at here. The interior space is bright and festive, with wave-like molded ribs on the ceiling, textured wood walls, and decorative structural columns designed to look like the trunks of mighty trees. Everywhere are lacquered surfaces, intricate textures, and curvaceous embellishments, making for a uniquely dense and intriguing vibe. Outdoor terrace is decorated in a black & white color scheme, although the patterns and textures demonstrate the same intricacy as the interior. Urban and ocean views make this a location to see and be seen.

The Food

Asian fusion menu blends Japaneses and Chinese favorites. Seafood selections are ample and pleasing, and guests are encouraged to pick their fresh catch from a colorful market display, then choose how they'd like it prepared: sashimi or carpaccio style, wok and robota grilled are the most popular options, with additional choice of sauces and flavors. The turf side of the menu features Wagyu and luxury foodie upgrades such as caviar, black truffle, and foie gras.

Last Word

The bar caters to the handcrafted cocktail crowd with its own signature selections, including the Hinky Dink (aged rum, blood orange, pineapple, and biters) and a beautiful apricot margarita. Beer, wine, and champagne selection is suitably plentiful.

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