The Chequit

Balazs, Morgans duo pen designer Hamptons inn

Hours 24
Phone 631-749-0018

23 Grand Avenue Shelter Island Heights NY 11965 United States


Who's Going

Cape Cod Weekenders, Boating Elite, Gay Couples

Reason to Stay

Design Hotel, Coffeehouse, Casual Restaurant

Hotel Type

Design Hotel

When we heard that the former COO of Andre Balazs Properties and former lead designer of Morgans Hotel Group has opened an inn in Shelter Island, we weren't quite expecting stylish yet demur The Chequit. David Bowd and Kevin O'Shea, who own two inns on Cape Cod, curate a 37-room inn that once doubled as a religious retreat and 1950s resort romp. Now, a polished farmhouse is infused with coastal tones that feels like the posher, Shelter Island version of what Surf Lodge was before it became a despised nightlife venue. Interiors blend bleached oak floors and cozy country décor with a livable elegance that extends to a large wrap-around terrace ideal for summer full moons. Two eateries at the property bring a much-need casual coffeehouse to the neighborhood as well as more formal Red Maple restaurant with its all-day rustic cuisine.

The Room

For those without the privilege of a summerhouse or weekend invite to the summertime Hamptons, The Chequit offers a charming inn of 37-rooms and casual designer aesthetic. Small, entry-level rooms are spare in décor with simple bed and single chair layout with painted wainscoting and minimalist bathrooms. The beauty of the property is not in its lavish or plush amenities, but in subtle design details like Turkish towels, industrial daybeds and white porcelain bathrooms that are just large enough for a weekend stay on Shelter Island.

Preferred Room

Chequit Suite

Special Features

Historic Hotel, Summer Hotspot, Hip Eatery


Restaurant, Cafe, Terrace

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