Hotel Misincu

Boutique Charm, 5-star Amenities in Southern Corse

Hours 24
Phone (33) 04 95 35 21 21

Misincu - Cagnano 20228 Cap Corse - Corse France


Who's Going

Party Crowd, French Couples, Bonvivant Travelers

Reason to Stay

Private Beaches, Design Interiors, Removed Location

Hotel Type

Design Resort

Hotel Misincu is located on a beautiful, unspoiled stretch of the Corsican coastline. The location is dramatic and exhilarating, and the hotel exists in a 'best of both worlds' sweet spot that blends the charm and tranquility of a boutique with the indulgence of true five-star hospitality service. The hotel is located in a secluded and pristine area of the island, 10 minutes from the city of Bastia and nestled amid authentic fishing villages and cliff side towns. Its elevated location allows for sweeping views of the Mediterranean, where turquoise waters meet clean and warm white sand beaches. The scene is low-key, chilled out and inspired to relax, rather than party. Twin restaurants, Tra di Noi and A Spartera, offer a spectrum of ambiance and cuisine: the former offers elegant fine dining with a focus on gastronomic seafood dishes, the latter delivers informal dining options directly on the beach. The hotel also has a well appointed spa on site, a Turkish bath, fitness room and an indoor pool.

The Room

Hotel Misincu has 29 rooms and suites available, all of which share sea views and handpicked, luxurious d├ęcor. Natural materials and subtle hues add to the sense of calm and relaxation the hotel is known for: oak floors and marble baths add a touch of natural elegance. Larger suites and villas feature living areas, expansive balconies and prime views.

Preferred Room

Montecristo Villa

Special Features

Private Villas, Removed Location


Restaurant, Lounge, Spa, Gym

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