Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa

Waterfront luxury hotel with Michelin-star eatery

Hours 24
Phone (33) 04 9571 6011

Route de Cala Rossa Porto Vecchio 20137 Corsica France


Who's Going

Paris Weekenders, Stylish Families, Monaco Couples

Reason to Stay

Gourmand Eatery, Stylish Crowd, Romantic Location

Hotel Type

Beach Resort

It's not the typical waterfront hotel you'd find on the French Riviera with glossy beach club and bling-ridden bars, but then again this is Corsica that's all but absent of brash beach clubs and excess and with it a luxury hotel of an entirely different nature. A island known to mix its Italian and French heritages, a white lobby of hand-trawled plaster walls with arched ceiling and rustic woodwork surrounded a pristine lobby with reception window, crackling fireplace for chilly Corsican nights and cozy lounge fluffed in colorful pillows on bright leather club chairs.

Nestled on a hillside above a tranquil inlet, a series of walkways under looming pine trees leads to a small sand beach lined in teak loungers with nearby beach eatery offering a more casual alternative to the 1-star Michelin restaurant tucked in an ornate dining room adjacent to the lobby that is best saved for special nights. A well-sorted spa and fitness area include specialty massages and body treatment with minerals and products derived locally followed by a plunge into the indoor pool that face a wildflower garden.

The Room

While only mildly impressed with the lobby, we loved our room. Reclaimed wooden doors open to bright and refreshing guest room laid in wide-plank wood floors with an aged-patina with crafty but elegant assortment of furnishings coated in antique white with eclectic upholstery in various regal patterns. Windows open to small terraces or balconies with a rustic wood awning, covered in linen drapery that flows in the ever-present Corsican wind. Larger junior and suites feature occasional bamboo flooring, not our favorite, as well as more modern decor with small seating area outfitted in B&B Italia-inspired sofa and desk. Bathrooms include detailed marble tiles and white porcelain fixtures for soothing yet practical spaces.

Preferred Room

Junior Suite

Special Features

Gourmand Eatery, Beach Club, Waterfront Location


1-Star Michelin Restaurant, Lounge, Bar, Pool, Spa, Fitness Center

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