The Grill New York

NYC's Carbone improves upon iconic eatery in Seagram Building

Hours 24
Phone (212) 375-9001

99 E 52nd Street New York NY 10022 United States


Long one of the most iconic eateries in the United States, The Grill New York will change your perception of a classic American grill or steak house restaurant. From concept, it’s a restaurant that extensively uses the grill as a means of cooking, with much of the preparation done tableside. Where The Grill differs from what is probably in your mind is the elegance and luxury of the venue. It is in the Seagram Building in New York - in fact, a restaurant has been on this spot for decades. Much of the original decor is still in place, giving The Grill a level of sophistication that more modern restaurants struggle to attain. This includes the walnut panels, oak floors, and 20-foot high windows with stunning drooping chains for curtains. The most dominant feature, however, is the sculpture over the bar which features 4,000 brass rods suspended from the ceiling.

The Food

Operated by Mario Carbone’s Major Food Group, The Grill serves lunch and dinner with many of the dishes cooked on a grill. Examples include Amish ham steak with pickled pineapple, Venison Cumberland with walnuts and huckleberries, Honey mustard duckling and Minted black bass. A particular favorite among diners, however, are the prime aged New York strips, porterhouse, and ribeye steaks.

Last Word

The Grill offers succulent grilled dishes served in an historic New York restaurant setting offering an elegant dining experience.

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