Carlo e Camilla

Chef Carlo Cracco teams with art director Tanja Solci in Segheria

Hours 8pm-11pm, Tue. - Sat.
Phone (39) 02 837 3963

Segheria Via Giuseppe Meda 24 Milan 20136 Italy


It’s like few other restaurants you’ve ever seen, Carlo e Camilla in Segheria is housed in a 1930s sawmill reimagined by art director Tanja Solci. The result is a pursuit of visual contraries from its decaying plaster walls and infinite concrete columns and floors to the pristine taxidermy and crystal chandeliers that bring gravity to the spare, vacuous space. Minimalist décor of clean, cloth-less communal tables and contemporary Cappellini chairs juxtaposes the vintage porcelain and ornate tablewares that the perfect backdrop for Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco.

The Food

An innovative mixologist delivers impeccable mixed cocktails in artisanal stemware that compliments an ala carte and fixed menu by chef Carlo Cracco of flagship Cracco in Milan. Appetizers include seasonal salad of local greens, Benedictine eggs with potatoes and panaznella with olives. Pastas include exquisite spaghetti accented in lime and coffee or angnolotti with burrata. Mains vary between grilled meats, traditional seafood dishes with a modern twist and a whimsical hamburger ala Carlo Cracco.

Last Word

Michelin-starred chef of Milan’s Cracco does avant-garde Segheria dining room.

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