Gallery Cafe Gallery restaurant for showy dinner in Moscow

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  • Gallery Cafe

  • 27 Ulitsa Petrovka Moscow Russia 127031 (7) 495 937 4544
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Michael Martin Editorial Review Author
  • The Scene:

    Moscow's top set of socialites and billionaire bachelors descend on this art-filled eatery for DJ-fueled dinners surrounded by walls filled with some of the city's most up-and-coming artists. Operated by one of Moscow's most connected restaurateurs, Arkady Novikov, the restaurant is located in a 19th Century mansion with first floor main dining room with cantilevered ceiling adorned in large cinema lights spotlighting walls adorned in rotating artists. The decor is a the mix of chocolate brown leather sofas with comfy club chairs at low-lying tables tops and stiffer dining room that's a bit more proper with wooden tables and high-back chairs. Upstairs, an outdoor summer terrace is ground zero for 12am supermodel arrival and champagne spritzing nightlife that lasts till the valet closes at 6am. 

  • cuisine
  • price
    $$$$$ ($65+)
  • payment options
    Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • hours
    11am-2am, daily
  • table to get
  • special features
    Hip Clientele, Art Gallery, Lounge, DJ
  • The Food:

    Itís not your usual gilded Russian gastronomic eatery, not to say that the food at this Arkady Novikov brand eatery isnít worthy of its won merits. Executive Chef Sergey Markin brings Japanese freshness of locally sourced vegetables and meats to a London execution of culinary techniques for a seafood and game-rich menu of specialties like fried calamari salad, spicy lamb with eggplant, rabbit in a honey-mustard sauce and Mutton tongue with couscous thatís probably best left untranslated for squeamish eaters. Instead, try the beef tartar with Russian potato chips or creamy crab risotto that are local favorites.

  • Last Word

    Donít miss the seasonal cocktail menu with Thera-flu elixir or snowball berry tea in winter and Moscow-version of the mojito in the summer.

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