Dock House

Cape Town micro-boutique big of lux details

Hours 24
Phone (27) 21 421 9334

Portswood Ridge Victoria Alfred Waterfront Cape Town 8001 South Africa


Who's Going

Boutique Lovers, Business Elite, Couple Weekenders

Reason to Stay

Central Location, Small Hotel, Historic Building

Hotel Type

Boutique Hotel

What was once the Harbor Master's private residence in the late 1800's, Dock House Hotel sits on a private bluff above the V&A Waterfront offering a stylish, affordable design hotel walking distance to much of the city's seaside attraction. "Understated grace meets contemporary-classical glamour," the lobby features a modern design palette accented in a grand architectural design that overlooks lush, petite gardens and swimming pool with bar area. Limited in space, a small kitchen offers daily breakfast served in the morning room or by the pool; by night a limited dinner menu is available through room service only. Given the large-scale resorts that define most of the V&A Waterfront, this meticulous design hotel offers big service and style despite its small size.  

The Room

With just five rooms in the Dock House, four of the guest suites are located on the upper level of the property offering a contemporary, sophisticated palette of Louis sofas, crystal chandeliers that double as bedside lamps and minimalist tufted-headboards that spin a more modern feel to the space. Upper level rooms feature a wall of French doors that open to a step-out balcony overlooking the harbor and grassy lawn next to the pool. Bathrooms are generously sized with teak floors, fluffy white linens and step-up platforms where freestanding tubs are elevated from the remaining room. The ground floor offers the best room in the house, a singular suite with period fireplace and private garden where glimpses of Cape Town’s colonial past are recaptured in the details.

Preferred Room

Upper Level Room

Special Features

Historic Location, City Center, Design Hotel


Pool, Breakfast Room, Bar, Spa

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