Dar Ahlam and El Khiam Ahlam

Luxury riad and tent camp 4 hours from Marrakech

Hours 24
Phone (212) 0524 852 239

Casbah Madihi Palmerai de Skoura Ouarzazate Morocco


Who's Going

Hollywood Execs, Paris Adventurers, Fashion Crowd

Reason to Stay

Desert Experience, Historical Riad, Luxury Nomadic Setting

Hotel Type

Destination Resort/Luxury Camp

In the Remote Saharan wilderness with sand dunes and vintage cuvee comes a riad and tent camp experience so fabulous you'll likely rave about it from here to eternity, providing you survive the ride there and back. To get here you'll likely fly via Casablanca or make the four-hour drive from Marrakech to this lavish 19th Century Kasbah created by a former-party planner from Paris. The 12-room hotel feels more like a private palace while in residence, surrounded by a manicured desert landscape and pristine pool where visitors paw themselves with creams and exotic oils like spoilt housecats. But worry not, the following day or so the true roughing it begins. You arise to an oversize 4X4 that idles like it has automotive bronchitis, as you and your Fendi luggage take on the glorious dunes of the uninterrupted Sahara to the 5-tent El Khiam Ahlam. Worries turns to excitement as your own personal encampment comes into view looking more like a vintage postcard a Katherine Hepburn movie than UNHCR newsreel. 

The Room

The riad is arranged with dramatic resort deck with swish pool and low loungers for hour-long sunbakes. Inside, a hammam-style spa and gourmet eatery await between rounds of tennis or shopping sprees at off-beat local shops in the village. At the luxury desert camp, tents are modestly outfitted with antique chests, vintage Moroccan rugs and pressed-linen sheets. Once you see your private toilet and sigh with relief, a private terrace awaits with chilled Rose and endless desert as far as you can see.

Preferred Room


Special Features

Luxury Tent Experience, 4x4 Vehicles, Desert Safari


Pool, Spa, Lounge, Garden, Organic Foods, Boutqiue

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