Hotel Gabbia D'Oro

Goth-theme hotel in Verona's city center

Hours 24
Phone (39) 045 800 3060

Corso Porta Borsari 4 Verona 37121 Italy

Who's Going

Romantic Weekenders, Engagement Parties, Couples

Reason to Stay

Romantic Interiors, City Center, Breakfast Service

Hotel Type

Budget Boutique

For being one of the most romantic city’s in all of Europe, Verona is surprisingly unimpressive when it comes to the hotel landscape of 5-star hotels offered in the city. With ‘70s hotel palaces like the Baglioni that make you wish you’d avoided the city altogether, only a few hotel options are good enough to merit any notable mention.  Located within an 18th Century aristocratic residence, the structure was overhauled in the early-80s to create this opulent show palace of classic antiques and hush-hush boudoirs worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet in their own right. Bordering on too much, the lobby is accented in classic archways and ornate carpets leading to a wood-paneled restaurant with beam ceiling and covered courtyard with silk canopy where most of the eating and drinking action takes place.

The Room

Entry-level guest rooms vary between Juliet-inspired suites to almost grandmotherly floral-inspired sleeping area heavy on lace and rosy details. Beds are opulent, tucked under high-thread count linens and perfect for enjoying a late-10am breakfast served to the bedside. Floors are lined in recreated oriental carpets topped-off with period antiques and far-less charming oversize TVs yet to be replaced with LCD screens. Bathrooms are lined in pink marble with occasional spa-style bathtub or clawfoot tub for true romantics.

Preferred Room


Special Features

City Center, Couples Retreat, Budget Boutique


Breakfast, Lounge, Historic Setting

Reviewed by:

Ann Vine
Editorial Review Author


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