Hotel Gabbia D'Oro Goth-theme hotel in Verona's city center

88 top rated
  • Hotel Gabbia D'Oro

  • Corso Porta Borsari, 4 Verona, 37121 Italy (39) 045 800 3060
reviewed by
Ann Vine Editorial Review Author
  • Who's Going:

    Romantic Weekenders, Engagement Parties, Couples

  • Reason to Stay:

    Romantic Interiors, City Center, Breakfast Service

  • Hotel Type:

    Budget Boutique

  • Preferred Room:
  • Special Features:
    City Center, Couples Retreat, Budget Boutique
  • Amenities:
    Breakfast, Lounge, Historic Setting
  • For being one of the most romantic city’s in all of Europe, Verona is surprisingly unimpressive when it comes to the hotel landscape of 5-star hotels offered in the city. With ‘70s hotel palaces like the Baglioni that make you wish you’d avoided the city altogether, only a few hotel options are good enough to merit any notable mention.  Located within an 18th Century aristocratic residence, the structure was overhauled in the early-80s to create this opulent show palace of classic antiques and hush-hush boudoirs worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet in their own right. Bordering on too much, the lobby is accented in classic archways and ornate carpets leading to a wood-paneled restaurant with beam ceiling and covered courtyard with silk canopy where most of the eating and drinking action takes place.

  • The Room:

    Entry-level guest rooms vary between Juliet-inspired suites to almost grandmotherly floral-inspired sleeping area heavy on lace and rosy details. Beds are opulent, tucked under high-thread count linens and perfect for enjoying a late-10am breakfast served to the bedside. Floors are lined in recreated oriental carpets topped-off with period antiques and far-less charming oversize TVs yet to be replaced with LCD screens. Bathrooms are lined in pink marble with occasional spa-style bathtub or clawfoot tub for true romantics.

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